• Report on Dorinda‟s trip to Vietnam 1

    Adoption Programs:

    Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Honduras 3

    Special Needs Update 4

    Families Needed 4

    Helping TDH Make a Difference:

    Long Hai Centre: for the protection of children 5

    From Dream to Reality – Quebec Gala 6

    Family Features:

    All I want for Christmas – Vietnam 7

    Culture Camp – Vietnam 8

    Painful Recollections – Vietnam 9

    News, Current Events, Family Functions:

    Federation TDH – 50 years 10

    Children of War 10

    My Adoption Portal 11

    New Arrivals! 11

    Vietnam Protocal Series:

    The Other Culture 12

    Broader Adoption Issues:

    The War on International Adoption follow-up 13

    Letters to the Editor 16

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