• TDH Charity Gala: be the difference 1

    Vietnamese Delegation: visit to Canada 4

    Vietnamese Delegation: meeting the children 6

    Adoption Programs:

    Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Honduras, Ecuador 7

    Vietnam Program Update 7

    Honduras Program 9

    Helping TDH Make a Difference

    Ukraine Summer Vacation Program 10

    Greeting Card Program for Ukraine 11

    University Scholarship: Tuan 12

    Family Features:

    It’s Been a Year! – Ukraine adoption 13

    The Reunion – Vietnam 14

    Tet Celebrations 16

    News, Current Events, Family Functions 18

    Sewing the Seeds of Learning 18

    Annual TDH Family Picnic 18

    Upcoming Adoption events 18

    Images of Adoption: Johnny Sheffield 20

    International Adoption: the wider field 21

    Adoption in Depth

    Sibling Adoptions: the Assessment Process 22

    Gala: Committee, volunteers and donors 24

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