• TDH Charity Gala: be the difference 1

    Retrospective of 2010: TDH Ontario 2

    Helping TDH Make a Difference

    Long Hai Centre: for the protection of children 4

    Vung Tau Sponsorships: The ‘bridge’ 5

    University Scholarship: Kien, Nguyan Thien 6

    Everyday in Everyway Campaign 7

    Adoption Programs:

    Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Honduras, Ecuador 8

    Q&A: Adoption in Vietnam 8

    Family Features:

    Our Three Angels, Ukraine 10

    You, the strangers 11

    News, Current Events, Family Functions 12

    Upcoming Adoption events 13

    Literature Club: Who? What? Why? 14

    Images of Adoption: Naomi Bronstein 15

    We Remember 16

    New Arrivals! 17

    An Adoption Lifebook 18

    Adoption in Depth

    Attachment in International Adoption 20

    Gala Attachments 22

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