TDH pour les enfants (Quebec) will hold its 5th Annual Gala at Montreal’s latest unique, ‘National Heritage’, showplace: Ezio Carosielli’s Rialto Theater (5711, Park Avenue, Montreal, H2V 4G9) on Monday evening, September 30, 2013, starting at 6:00 pm.

If you are not familiar with the particular wonderful Parisian cultural practice of the “Cocktail Dinatoire”, our Gala could be your introduction to it. Each event is unique, but still the pattern is always much the same: friends, or friends of friends, invite you to a cocktail dinatoire; being considerate, they do not want to overwhelm you with a full-blown, formal dinner invitation, with the best china and all, nor do they want to underwhelm you by just serving a glass of wine and a bit of cheese. Our Gala tends towards a sumptuous ‘wine and dine’ feast. A full course meal is served in bite-size pieces on trays passed around by distinctively dressed waitresses. Guests mingle, wine glass in hand, helping themselves to the passed trays while chatting up a storm with their friends. The best case is when the cocktail dinatoire provides you with an evening in good company, being offered just the right quantity of original food, accompanied by a couple of glasses of interesting wine. Our Gala Committee and its caterer have a very good track record on these points.

Historically our principal entertainment has been twin auctions, one silent and one viva voce (in French), enthusiastically called by VIPs of the Quebec entertainment world. The auctioned items have been such selective and valuable items as a cluster of bottles of fine wine from the cellars of Pierre Lamy and Philippe Richer, the extraordinary art work by the world famous Bao Nguyen of Hanoi, paintings by such artists as Corno, Michel Tremblay, and Alain Stanke, a week in a villa in Provence, and sometimes small and intimate dinners hosted by stars of Quebec theatre.

For this year, however, we also will be graced by the captivating presence and a performance by Georgia Fumanti, and her vocal showmanship. Known worldwide more than in her hometown, Montreal, Georgia has sung with Pavarotti, and has a style as unique as Nana Mouskouri or Enya. Georgia has been the centerpiece in a number of extravaganzas; she has donated two of her extraordinary gowns for the auction.

The crowd in the past has been drawn from the ranks of Quebec’s cinemagraphic, political, and business elite as well as the adoptive families of TDH and their friends.

All of the funds raised in this Quebec Gala are earmarked for direct aid to children. Some of the money is used to provide essential support to institutionalized and impoverished children; some to supply special care for children with special medical needs; yet other sums are spent specifically on education.

TDH pour les enfants cordially invites members of other agencies, people interested in supporting children or
international adoption and the general public to our Gala this month.

RSVP by clicking here or contact Daphné Trahan-Perreault.