The goal of TDH Canada Foundation is to relieve children in need and empower their community.

Over the years, TDH Canada has established malnutrition clinics, day care centers, primary schools, and community centers. In collaboration with TDH pour les enfants and TDH Ontario, the organization has also put into place a program of sponsorships and scholarships for the children in Vietnam, has built a vocational training center, and has participated in the construction of orphanages. TDH Canada also responds with disaster relief in the reconstruction and repair of orphanages and aid to the victims of such disasters. Here is a closer look at some of the Foundation’s achievements:


  • Sponsorship Program – supporting orphaned children in the community and in orphanages.
  • Scholarship Program – providing financial support to very poor students.
  • Water Buffalo Program – purchasing water buffalo for poor families.
  • Orphanages – providing food, housing and education to street children.
  • Center for the Protection of Orphans and Handicapped Children – supporting children with disabilities.
  • Special Needs Children – assisting children in orphanages with their medical needs.


  • Orphanages – providing material support.


  • Schools – providing financial support of the school FANIA.

If you are interested in further information, or would like to make a donation, please visit TDH Canada


Thank you for your generosity.