A Word from Nadia Lutskaya, Program Coordinator

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our new Bulgaria program which opened in 2016. Having completed over 600 adoptions in the last 20 years in 6 countries, I feel confident that this new program of TDHO will be successful.

Ukrainian by birth, I have lived and worked in Ukraine and Russia. I understand the Slavic mindset of Ukraine, Russia, and Bulgaria and speak their languages as well as French and English. As a result of my insightful understanding of Eastern European culture, I am able to manage TDHO’s Bulgarian adoption files efficiently and effectively.

In preparation for your trip to Bulgaria, I will teach you about Bulgarian culture in order for you to gain an understanding of customs, expectations, and life-styles, which will lend to your comfort level while travelling in Bulgaria.

My professional goals are to continue promoting and working in international adoption as a wonderful way to build your family.

Bulgaria-General-Information (PDF Document)

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