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A Word from Johanne Wagner, Program Coordinator

Our US adoption program is unique as it allows single people and couples, including same sex couples, to adopt newborn babies.  The US adoption program appeals to individuals who are ready for an ‘’open’’ adoption where the birth mother selects the future parents of the child and where a contact is maintained between the birth mother and the adoptive family, in accordance to a mutual agreement. I am pleased to have the opportunity to help you navigate through your adoption process.

I have come to wear many hats over the years:  mother of nine children, military spouse, advocate, and certified teacher.  Being a mom has been a very rewarding thing in my life. Having adopted 4 children myself, and given birth to five children, I can understand the privilege of the first contact with a newborn child.  This is what the US program can offer you.

I am excited to be the coordinator of the US program and look forward to supporting and guiding you throughout the entire adoption process.

My goal is to ensure successful adoptions for as many children and families as possible.

I encourage you to contact me and to visit the website of our US partner agency, Forever Families Through Adoption, Inc.


Follow the link to read about Johanne’s adoption story:

USA General Information (PDF Document)

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